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Here you will find details of AK Automotive’s vehicle electrical training courses. Follow the links below or click on the images to find out more about individual courses.

AK Automotive On-site Courses

Vehicle Electrical

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Vehicle Electrical
Fault Finding

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Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Systems
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CAN Bus &
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For further information and to discuss an on-site training course, please contact:

Tony Kitchen (AK Automotive)
Telephone: 07484 831 015

About AK courses

AK Automotive’s core training courses cover Vehicle Electrical Principles, Electric & Hybrid Electric Vehicle Systems, Vehicle Electrical Fault Finding Techniques and CAN Bus & Integrated Systems. The latter two courses also have certified recognition from the Institute of the Motor Industry for a Professional Development Certificate award PDC, and AK Automotive are an IMI Awards Approved Assessment Centre.

The Vehicle Electrical Principles course provides a good starting point for beginners, followed up by Vehicle Electrical Fault Finding Techniques and further supported by a range of more in-depth courses. The CAN Bus and Electric & Hybrid Electric Vehicle Systems courses are aimed at those with more experience who would like to gain further knowledge and skills of specific subjects at a higher level.

Why attend training courses?

There isn’t much you can do on a modern vehicle these days that doesn’t bring you into contact with its electrical systems. Full electric and hybrid vehicle technologies are also now very common and vehicle technicians need to have more in depth knowledge, and be familiar with a wider range of diagnostic tools than ever before in order to be able to work safely on and around their customers’ vehicles.

Yet for many vehicle workshop personnel, the subject of electricity is something of a mystery. They are put off by the prospect of dealing with a vehicle electrical problem because the fault is perceived to be complicated. This is hardly surprising considering the complexity of modern vehicle electronic systems.

Even routine tasks such as fitting a new battery, testing an alternator, and a wide range of electrical components now require specialist knowledge and in many cases, use of a diagnostic scan tool to programme some components to the vehicle and reset systems.

But basic principles still apply, and once you begin to understand the layout and structural logic of how vehicle electronic systems work, you then begin to see how a different approach using the right tools and diagnostic techniques can make life less difficult.

AK Automotive training courses strive to take the mystery out of vehicle electrical systems and diagnostic routines. The aim is to promote personal development in a way that will enable technicians to become more knowledgeable, skilled and confident when dealing with vehicle electrical faults.

Tony Kitchen from AK Automotive is a qualified vehicle mechanic, a former Saab Master Technician and MOT tester. He has a proven track record as a vehicle diagnostic technician and is also a qualified and experienced teacher and technical training instructor.

Vehicle technologies are constantly advancing so there is the need to keep pace with developments. Money spent on training is a necessary but worthwhile investment for your business.

Contact: Tony Kitchen (AK Automotive)
Telephone: 00 44 (0)7484 831 015
E-mail: tony@akautomotivetraining.co.uk

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