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If it is difficult for you to release staff to attend training courses, then an on-site training event delivered by AK Automotive may be the ideal solution for your business.

AK Automotive specialise in preparing and delivering bespoke on-site training courses and training programmes, and have many years experience of planning, organising and delivering on-site courses for a wide range of motor industry customers throughout the UK.

Sending employees away on a course can be costly and inconvenient, incurring further expenses such as travel, hotels and daily subsistence. These are in addition to course fees and loss of revenue resulting from staff being out of the workplace attending courses.

On-site training is a cost effective way for you to update the knowledge and skills of your staff in the familiar surroundings of your own business premises.

To find out more about arranging an on-site training course with AK Automotive and to request a quotation, please contact Tony Kitchen at AK Automotive directly.

Contact: Tony Kitchen (AK Automotive)
Telephone: 07484 831 015
E-mail: tony@akautomotivetraining.co.uk

More about on-site training with AK Automotive

What’s required

There are several options. Many companies have a dedicated training room. Others have a room that can be adapted to accommodate an on-site course. It may even be possible to set up a classroom in your workshop if you intend to close for the course duration.

Indoor workshop space allows hands-on-vehicle practical activities to take place during an on-site course. This enables course participants to put into practice what they have learnt during classroom technical sessions.

So if you can’t send staff away on courses, AK Automotive will plan and prepare a bespoke course, tailored to your staff training needs and delivered conveniently on-site at your premises.

How to arrange an on-site training course?
Firstly, contact Tony Kitchen at AK Automotive directly to discuss your training needs, or send an e-mail with some details of the training you would like for your staff.

AK Automotive will discuss with you how to make an on-site training course work for your business. Where practicable, course content can be tailored to meet you needs.

AK Automotive will then prepare a quotation with detailed breakdown of costings for the number of candidates you would like to attend the course.

Everything about hosting an on-site course at your premises is designed to be cost effective, convenient and most important of all, meet your training needs.

To enquire about an on-site training event

Contact: Tony Kitchen (AK Automotive)
Telephone: 07484 831 015
E-mail: tony@akautomotivetraining.co.uk

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