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A two day CAN bus diagnostics training course for experienced vehicle technicians.

Just about every electrical system on the modern vehicle relies upon one or more bus networks for its functionality. Even scan tool diagnostic communication with the vehicle involves the CAN bus.

Most vehicles now utilise multiple bus networks encompassing CAN and LIN bus integrated systems.

Many more vehicle brands have long since also adopted more advanced bus technologies such as FlexRay and Ethernet for systems such as stability control and advanced driver assistance.

Having a sound knowledge of CAN bus and bus network technologies is as essential today as knowing one’s basic electrics.

CAN Bus & Integrated Systems covers CAN, LIN, MOST and FlexRay, CAN bus diagnostics, bus network layouts and integrated vehicle electronic systems.

CAN Bus & Integrated Systems follows on from Vehicle Electrics Module 2. During the course, you will gain a detailed knowledge of CAN bus and related system technologies.

You will learn how to test the CAN bus using a multi meter and oscilloscope in conjunction with scan tool and available technical information. You will learn about the configuration and layout of CAN bus and other bus networked systems. You will learn how to diagnose CAN bus related faults.

The course comprises workshop based practical sessions using live vehicles supported by technical presentations and discussions. At the start of the course, you will receive a fully illustrated set of course reference notes.

By the end of the course, you will have gained knowledge and skills that will be useful to you when diagnosing CAN bus related faults on integrated vehicle electrical systems.

Assessment is on going throughout the course and the course is approved by the IMI for a Quality Assured Programme (QAP) certificate at Level 3.

On-site Training – 2021

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Course content

  • Overview automotive bus technologies
    (CAN, LIN, FlexRay, MOST, Ethernet)
  • Technical features of the CAN bus
  • CAN hardware and terminating resistors
  • Testing CAN voltage and resistance
  • The CAN protocol explained
  • CAN baud rates and ISO standards
  • Physical properties of CAN bus networks
  • The CAN gateway and diagnostic interface
  • CAN network topology
  • Fault tolerance of the CAN bus
  • CAN diagnosis & fault finding
  • Course assessment

Pre requisites

Candidates would benefit from first attending Vehicle Electrics Module 2 – Fault Finding Techniques before attempting this course. They must have a motor industry or other relevant technical background and a thorough understanding of electrical principles and fault finding techniques, be competent with use of multimeters, oscilloscopes, diagnostic tools and be able to read wiring diagrams. PC skills are expected at this level.

Further Development

After successfully completing this course, you may like to progress to the following courses: