Royal Alloy Scooters: A stylish modern classic

Retro versus classic
The Royal Alloy is a stylish modern retro scooter, with bodywork and appearance based around the old classic Italian Lambretta scooters of the 1960’s.

Side by side, the resemblance between a Royal Alloy and its Lambretta counterpart is clear.

From a distance it is difficult to tell the two scooters apart.

The Royal Alloy model range starts with a 125cc variant and goes up to a 300cc top of the range GP300 scooter.

Royal Alloy scooters come equipped with electrical systems and mechanical features to be expected of any modern motorcycle or scooter brand in the 2020’s. These include a 4 stroke single cylinder liquid cooled fuel injected Euro 5 petrol engine, electric start, automatic transmission, hydraulic front and rear disc brakes with ABS, LED lighting and additional outlet options for connecting various electrical accessories such as for example a handlebar mounted satellite navigation system.

The GP300 Royal Alloy is similar in appearance to the Italian GP Lambretta with its rectangular headlight.

The Royal Alloy TG model shown below on the left is based around the styling of the original Lambretta series 2 TV175 (shown on the right).

With a network of Royal Alloy dealers throughout the UK and the ‘Lambretta’ retro styling of these scooters, it is not surprising that the Royal Alloy has caught on with scooter enthusiasts, including many who have come back to the scooter scene who remember the ‘good old’ days of the nineteen eighties (and even some ‘first wave’ Mods of the 60’s).

A wide range of bolt-on custom accessories are available from scooter shops that also fit Royal Alloy.

Many owners fit crash bars, back rests, mirrors, lights and whip aerials adorned with fox tails and pennants – very 60’s Mod.

Compared to nearly all other modern scooters currently available on the market at the moment including some of the latest Vespa models from Piaggio, the Royal Alloy scooter is arguably one of the finest and most stylish looking modern scooters available.

Of course, there will always be those ‘traditionalists’ who detest anything modern and would only ever ride a ‘proper’ scooter – which basically translates to owning a classic 2-stroke Lambretta or Vespa. Many scooterists however own one of each, giving them the option for both classic and modern riding pleasure.

Whatever people may think about Royal Alloy scooters, many scooterists both young and old are riding them. Royal Alloy scooters have been around in the UK for several years now and are seemingly here to stay.

Would I buy a Royal Alloy scooter?


…maybe, but only as a back up for my trusty Italian GT.

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Thursday 08th June 2023

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