IMI Level 2 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Routine Maintenance Activities

Qualification ID No: 603/1466/7
Guided learning hours: 14
Qualification duration: 2 days

This award is designed for vehicle mechanics and technicians who maintain and repair electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

It contains the knowledge and skills required to work safely around a vehicle’s high voltage electric drive train system and associated high and low voltage electrical systems whilst carrying out routine maintenance or repairs.

On completion of this qualification, candidates will have gained knowledge of both high and low voltage technologies and an understanding of their dangers.

The qualification content comprises classroom and workshop based support sessions designed to enable candidates to practice hands-on tasks and safety procedures that are required to be carried out when working on and around electric and hybrid vehicles.

To successfully complete the course and gain this IMI Level 2 award, candidates must sit and pass an online exam under exam conditions and carry out practical assessments for isolating and reinstating the vehicle’s high voltage system (making the vehicle safe) and connecting / disconnecting EVSE to charge the vehicle’s high voltage battery.

Qualification content

Introduction to electric / hybrid vehicle technologies, covering:
– Electric drive types
– High voltage system components and layouts
– High voltage cabling
– Vehicle controls, indicators and warning lamps
– Hazard and safety awareness
– Vehicle / high voltage systems familiarisation (workshop session)

Hazards and health & safety, covering:
– Recap electrical principles
– Hazards associated with working around electric / hybrid vehicles
– PPE & safety equipment
– Tools & test equipment, including insulated hand tool requirements
– Legislation and standards
– Procedures for isolating high voltage system / making vehicle ‘safe’ (workshop session)

High voltage battery technologies, covering:
– High voltage battery pack components, construction and operation
– Chemistry types for high voltage batteries in electric / hybrid vehicles
– Contactors, charge relays and battery management system
– High voltage battery thermal management / cooling system
– Thermal runaway and emergency response procedures
– Evaluate high voltage battery live data using diagnostic scan tool (workshop session)

High voltage system component functions & operation, covering:
– Three-phase drive motor types
– AC and DC motors
– Power inverter module functions and operation overview
– Insulated Gate Bi-polar Transistor IGBT and high energy capacitors
– Air conditioning and climate control (DC high voltage AC compressor)
– High voltage starter generator HSG

Charging the high voltage battery
– Hazards and safety awareness when charging the high voltage battery
– EVSE infrastructure
– On-board charger control module
– Charging levels and types
– Charging indicators and instrumentation
– Connecting / disconnecting external EVSE to vehicle and evaluation
of on-board charger live data (workshop session)

– Online exam
– Carry out procedures for isolating high voltage system (observed by assessor)
– Carry out procedures for connecting disconnecting EVSE (observed by assessor)

On-site and regional training

AK Automotive are offering the IMI Level 2 Award in Electric / Hybrid Vehicle Routine Maintenance Activities for on-site delivery at customer’s premises.

For further information about electric vehicle training from AK Automotive, contact Tony Kitchen at AK Automotive

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