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High Voltage Vehicle Systems – Familiarisation & Safety Awareness Training Course

31st May 2022
This one day course is currently under development and will be available soon. For further information, contact:

Tony Kitchen
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About the course

This course is intended to be an ideal starting point for those wanting to go on to do the IMI Electric / Hybrid vehicle qualifications (Levels 2.2, 3 and 4), but who would first like to gain some background knowledge and understanding of electric vehicles before jumping in at the deep end. More experienced and previously qualified technicians may also find this course to be a useful refresher.

The knowledge gained from attending this course should be useful to those looking to gain the IMI qualifications. Participants will each receive a detailed and fully illustrated set of course reference notes which are theirs to keep at the end of the course.

Read on for an extract from the course notes that are currently also under development to go with this new course from AK Automotive.

Course Introduction
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The UK government’s 2030 deadline for banning sales of new petrol and diesel only powered cars is not that far into the future and will arrive soon enough. The pace of infrastructure development to support fast and rapid charging of electric vehicles is stepping up, with an expanding network of charging stations across the country. Driving range and battery charging time capability of electric vehicles is improving as technology continues to evolve.

A high percentage of vehicles on UK roads are now either of pure electric or hybrid drive. This percentage is increasing steadily, and garages – including those in the independent sector – are seeing more of these vehicles coming in for routine service and other repairs. The motor industry is undergoing a milestone transition as it moves away from fossil fuel burning internal combustion engines towards net zero vehicle emissions.

Electric vehicles are not a new technology. Originally developed over a century ago, they died out in favour of their internal combustion engine counterparts. From the mid nineteen nineties however, their numbers have been steadily rising again. Hydrogen fuel cell technology is also available but there are fewer of these vehicle types. Since circa 2012, it seems that electric and hybrid drive vehicles have become firmly established to succeed petrol and diesel engines in the future.

The single most significant feature of electric vehicles is the very much higher voltages of the drive systems they use – up to 800 volts on some of the latest vehicles. Such voltages pose lethal risks of injury from electric shock. Workshop personnel, more than ever before, need to have a stronger awareness of electrical health and safety, a better understanding of electrical theory, and a sound working knowledge of high voltage vehicle drive systems.

The Electric & Hybrid Vehicle / PHEV course from AK Automotive is aimed at those working in the motor industry who would like to gain a better working knowledge of how modern electric and hybrid vehicles work. It explains the main high voltage components, health and safety awareness, tools and equipment requirements and explains the disciplines required for working on and around electric drive vehicles.

Prerequisites to attend this course

To be accepted for a place on this course, candidates must be working in the motor industry or have a motor industry or relevant background (e.g. emergency services / ex R.E.M.E. etc). They should have a thorough understanding of electrical theory and principles, be PC literate and fluent in English language.