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There isn’t much you can do on a vehicle these days that doesn’t bring you into contact with one or more of its electrical systems.

This is almost unavoidable on modern vehicles as electrical systems have become more integrated, so a good working knowledge of electricity is essential.

Yet many vehicle technicians and mechanics struggle with vehicle electrics because they regard the subject to be something of a mystery.

They are put off dealing with vehicle electrical faults because they perceive the fault to be more complex than it actually is. However, understanding electricity is not as complicated as it may seem.

As with all things technical, some basic laws of physics apply and once these are fully understood, the subject of vehicle electrics becomes less difficult.

In order to carry out successful testing and diagnosis of vehicle electrical systems, you need to have a thorough understanding of electrical theory and circuit operating principles.

You also need to be competent with use of basic test instruments such as a digital multi meter and be able to read wiring diagrams.

The Vehicle Electrical Principles course from AK Automotive explains the principles of electricity in straight forward terms.

This course will enable you to gain the knowledge and confidence required to carry out simple, cost effective tests on motor vehicle electrical systems.

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