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Vehicle Electrics Module 4 – Electrical Systems & Diagnostics

A one day vehicle electrics training course for technicians who want a more in-depth knowledge of vehicle electrical systems and practical diagnostic techniques.

The vehicle electrics module 4 course focuses on use of the scan tool as a primary aid to fault finding and diagnosis of modern vehicle electronic systems. Since many electrical system components are not easily accessible – being located behind the dash or other body panels – you will learn how to use the scan tool more effectively for that ‘first-look’ evaluation of fault symptoms.

During the course, you will also learn how to integrate use of special functions and online technical information systems, now embedded within the software of many scan tools. This includes a technical overview of ‘pass thru’ technology for control module software flash programming.

You will investigate convenience and driver assistance systems to include climate control, entry and start systems, park assist, blind spot detection, lane assist, front and rear view cameras, the Head Up Display and electro-mechanical power steering.

Modern vehicle systems also rely heavily upon CAN and LIN bus networks for their functionality. The course covers messages and data transfer over the bus networks, and explains function chains and systems integration.

By the end of the course, you will be able to diagnose vehicle electronic systems more effectively using scan tool applications in conjunction with technical information and wiring diagrams from Autodata.


For further information and advice about attending this course, please contact Tony Kitchen at AK Automotive.

Course Content

  • Effective scan tool diagnostic techniques
  • Climate control systems
  • Convenience electrics
  • Electro-mechanical power steering
  • Driver assistance systems
  • Head up display – HUD
  • CAN bus/LIN bus data transfer
  • Course assessment


Assessment is on-going throughout the course and the course is approved by the IMI at Level 3 for a Quality Assured Programme (QAP) certificate.

Pre requisites

Candidates must have a motor industry or relevant technical background. PC skills are essential at this level. Ideally, candidates will have previously successfully completed Vehicle Electrics Module 2, as well as CAN Bus & Integrated Systems with AK Automotive.