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Diagnostic scan tools and test equipment are a significant financial investment for your business.

Having the right diagnostic tools is essential for carrying out even routine tasks as well as more in-depth vehicle diagnostics.

But no single scan tool does everything!

AK Automotive understand the importance of being properly equipped. We are distributors for VDO Continental diagnostic tools and Chauvin Arnoux digital multimeters, and also use these tools for diagnosing our own customers’ vehicles.

By following the links opposite, you can find out more about the diagnostic tools we supply. For further advice and information about buying a scan tool, including demonstrations, pricing and purchasing, please contact us directly.

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Meeting the needs of the independent aftermarket

The independent aftermarket needs diagnostic scan tools with ever increasing levels of diagnostic functionality and vehicle model coverage. This is partly due to the rapid pace of technical developments in motor vehicle technologies.

There is also the need for better technical information to be available to garages that will enable technicians to carry out cost effective diagnostic repairs.

Many of the better diagnostic scan tool manufacturers now offer a more comprehensive diagnostic package with their equipment. The most significant and useful of these is a guided fault finding application embedded in the diagnostic scan tool’s software. This is usually also supported by access to an online technical information and bulletins database.

Such diagnostic capabilities are invaluable to the busy modern vehicle repair workshop. They provide technicians with access to information such as wiring diagrams, components locations, test values and parameters, and also offer advice on how to perform fault finding and diagnostic tasks.

VDO Autodiagnos VCI

One of the diagnostic scan tools making rapid in-roads to supporting garages in this way is the VDO Autodiagnos VCI from Continental Corporation.

The tool has vast vehicle model coverage, an integrated Vehicle Electronic Systems Assistant with guided fault diagnosis, and if you have PicoScope installed on your PC, the VDO has an oscilloscope function that automatically opens your PicoScope’s oscilloscope software, thereby providing you with a convenient additional oscilloscope function.

AK Automotive are an ‘owner-user’ of the VDO Autodiagnos VCI diagnostic scan tool as well as distributors for the tool. For more information about VDO Autodiagnos VCI, contact us for a chat and helpful advice.

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